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Messaggioda wesmccane » 26/05/2023, 4:42

Two vacuum cleaners compared: Dyson V8 Absolute versus Dyson V10 Absolute - Which one is the right choice?

Congratulations on picking Dyson - one of the best vacuum cleaner brands. Thanks to this manufacturer’s innovative dual cyclone technology, its vacuums’ suction power does not reduce as it picks up dirt and debris. However, you might be wondering if you should choose V8 or V10 as they are quite similar in terms of design and performance, as they are both upright stick vacuums. Our below comparison will help you to make a decision. Let’s take a look!

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1. Specifications

Both V8 and V10 are lightweight and versatile. Also, they can be converted to handheld devices with ease. As V10 is the newer version, there are some upgrades. While Dyson V8’s run time is 40 minutes, Dyson V10 can run for 1 hour, allowing you to clean more areas of your space without worrying about its battery life. Plus, the battery charging time of V10 is also significantly shorter (3.5 hours) compared to V8 (5 hours).

These two models’ weight is not different, but the V10’s dustbin capacity is larger (0.20 gallons) than V8’s (0.14 gallons). In terms of weight, their difference is minor: The V10 weighs just a little bit more (5.9 lbs.) than the V8 (5.75 lbs). Similarly, their size difference is pretty negligible.


2. Performance

These two Best vacuum cleaners for home work efficiently on different floor types. If we look at the CFM (cubic feet per minute), however, the V10 - with 59 CFM, performs slightly better than V8 (with only 54 CFM). You probably know that CFM is the most critical indicator of a vacuum’s suction power (the higher it is, the stronger your vacuum). Plus, when it comes to vacuuming hard floors, we notice that V10’s torque drive tool performs better than V8’s. Pet owners would find this upgraded version from Dyson a value for money option as it picks up pet hair from carpets in no time.

3. User convenience

Both V10 and V8 can convert into handheld vacuums, making them ideal for car vacuuming. Also, the Dyson V10 and the V8 have similar release latches. For the V8, users need to pull the lever, which is located right behind the cyclones. For the V10, its lever is at the bottom of the bin, making it easier and less messy to empty. Regarding the rotating bristle brush, the V10 has a fluffy cleaning head, which means it removes large debris from hard and carpeted floors easier than the V8’s brush.


4. Noise level

At first, we assumed that Dyson would be much noisier as its motor is larger. However, after our first test on both wood and carpeted floors, the V10 is only slightly louder. While the V8 produces 61.5 to 62.8 dB, the V10 produces 62.1 to 64.1 dB. So if you are keen on a newer version of Dyson, pick up the V10 as you do not have to worry about its noise.

The bottom line

Best rated vacuum cleaners like the Dyson V8 Absolute and the V10 absolute both come with a two years warranty. Regarding the price, the V10 is about $60 more expensive than V8 ($448 versus $382). If you have a large house and would not mind spending a little bit more, then pick the V10 as their dustbin is larger. However, if you are keen on the suction power and will only pay extra for the Dyson with significantly better performance, then we would recommend you to go with the V8 as it provides better value for its price. Click share if you like this post and feel free to leave us your comments below.
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Messaggioda richard1it » 26/05/2023, 7:27

Dont worry be happy.
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Messaggioda Dalupetto » 26/05/2023, 9:08

Ciao Wes,
Benvenuto nel forum :thumbup:

Di dove sei?
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benvenuto !

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